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Projects & Programmes

'Stravaganza' celebrates the arpa doppia a tre registri, the Italian triple harp of the early 17th Century, the dawn of what is now known as the Baroque era. In Naples, (harpist) composers such as Ascanio Mayone and Giovanni Maria Trabaci explored the expressive use of chromatism and revelled in virtuosic diminution, thus outgrowing the framework of their background in Renaissance polyphony.

'Stravaganza' was premiered in November 2017.

Le concert imaginaire de Sainte Cécile

A canvas from 1691 by the French artist Pierre Mignard shows us Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, surrounded by musical instruments. She is playing the arpa doppia, the Italian chromatic harp of the 17th C. which inexplicably never became fashionable in France.

But what if it had?

This program was made for and premiered at the Dutch Harp Festival 2018.

Click on the image to watch a trailer of this programme!

The Muse of Albion

The Muse of Albion, an old and poetical name for England, can be a melancholic muse... Seated on a cloud, the Lady Musick is holding a lute and a songbook, and the greatest honour to befall any musician is to see the Lady weep.

Compositions include:
'Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens' by John Dowland, 'The Bells' by


William Byrd, an 'In Nomine' by Thomas Tomkins, 'Cromatica Pavana & Galliard' by Peter Philips and 'Kinloch his Pavane &Galliard to the lang Paven' by William Kinloch, honorary member of this illustrious tribe, since Kinloch was from Alba (Scotland). This programme was premiered in October 2018 in Mechelen (B). Click on the image to watch a trailer.

Alfonso Waye

This is another recital of Elizabethan ans Jacobean music, but on lyra viol, a kind of viol particularly fit for chordal solo playing. The cure for Melancholy is twofold: generous Pavans to plumb its depth and dirty ditties to cheer up... This programme was first performed in June 2018 in Brussels and Alfonso is of course the younger Alfonso Ferrabosco.

Luceros y Flores

A dialogue between the Spanish arpa de dos órdenes and Argentinian soprano Valeria Mignaco, of Spanish songs and harp solo's of the 16th and 17th C. The principal composers are José Marín and Juan Hidalgo, a harpist himself and composer of the first Spanish operas.

The première was in March 2020 in Oostwold, Oldambt. Hear a fragment of it here!


Amourette is the name of the gamba duo which I created with Anja Engelberg. The name not only refers to our love story with music in general and the viola da gamba in particular, it is also the French name of the wood from which our bows are made. Our repertoire consists chiefly of 17th C. music from England, Germany and France, although we do make little excursions into the 18th C.

Click on the picture to watch a video of us!

Camerata Trajectina

I feel honoured to be a regular member of Camerata Trajectina, an ensemble that is my senior by a few years, yet always full of fresh ideas and new intitiatives. Camerata Trajectina specializes in song from the Dutch Golden age, but we do much more than that. Visit our website!

Amstel Consort

I am a founding member and (mostly but not exclusively) tenor gambist of this viol consort. 

Visit our website!

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