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In 2004 I started teaching the Italian baroque harp at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Nowadays, I teach a number of other harp-related classes too: 'early' music repertoire coaching, practical harmony, Celtic harp, methodology, history & organology, and I supervise the harp students' teaching internship. Also, I might be advising Masters students regarding their research projects, depending on the topic of their thesis.

Private lessons

Privately, I teach both the viol and the harp, in many forms. What I don't teach is modern pedal harp, though modern harpists might take lessons with me on various subjects: basso continuo, interpretation of baroque repertoire, improvisation, arranging... Corona taught me that while online lessons might not completely replace real life lessons, they are still a feasible option. With one special advantage: modern harpists don't need to bring their own instrument! Celtic harpers who come to my place have the choice between two harps: one with low and one with medium tension.

If you are interested in taking lessons with me, please send me a message.

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