Amourette is the name of the gamba duo which I created with Anja Engelberg. The name not only refers to our love story with music in general and the viola da gamba more specifically, it is also the French name of the wood which our bows are made of. Our repertoire consists chiefly of 17th C. music from England, Germany and France, although we do make little excursions into the

18th C.    ​


To watch live recordings of an Amourette concert, click here.


Duo with soprano Vera Ramer

I have been a duo (voice and baroque harp) with Vera Ramer since 2002. Currently we offer two different programmes; one is a concert of Advent and Christmas music from 17th and 18th C. Germany, using the Davidsharfe; the other is a 17th C. Italian programme with arpa doppia, which portrays mythical and allegorical ladies such as Penelope, Didone and la Virtù.